Professional Italian resume CV translations

Professional Italian resume CV translations

La versione CV Maker traduzione del CV in lingua Inglese é qui! Questo servizio é solo per la traduzione di CV esteri (quindi madrelingua inglese), per il mercato Italiano, in lingua Italiana.

Ciao! 🙂

Thinking of moving to Italy?

Moving to Italy is a thrilling opportunity!

If you need your CV/Resume translated in Italian, stop here! Because you have found the best solution and … for the best price!

I can translate and write your CV in English/Italian. I am a professional native Italian translator and I will translate your English CV in a very professional way.

Why choose me?

  • I have a burning passion to help others succeed!
  • I am Italian, a REAL Italian!
  • I’ll handle this job all by myself, this service is NOT like most of the online translation services, where you are only a number!
  • You’ll get expert help and advice AKA you’ll get tips from a real local!
  • The format and layout of your CV will be culturally adapted to be used locally!


  • 25 Euro 1CV e 1CL – Just 7 working days to get your CV
  • 30 Euro 1CV e 1CL – Just 5 working days to get your CV
  • 35 Euro 1CV e 1CL – Just 3 working days to get your CV
  • 40 Euro 1CV e 1CL – Just 2 working days to get your CV
  • 50 Euro 1CV e 1CL – Just 1 working day to get your CV

* Working days are Mon-Fri.

Payment Method

  • Paypal (if you have a credit or debit card, or a bank account, you don’t need to have a PayPal account!)

Send me an email NOW!

Just read the reviews! (Use Google Translator!)


La versione CV Maker traduzione del CV in lingua Inglese é qui!

Koala Londinese Written by:

Blogger romana dal 2010 in trasferta in quel di Londra. Fra un pezzo di pane tirato ad uno scoiattolo e un altro ad un piccione, ti servo la mia visione animale di Londra e non solo! Seriamente convinta di due cose: ció che pensi diventi e che il Carpe Diem dovrebbero prescriverlo a tutti! ;)


  1. Carmen Lombardo

    Hello ,my name is Carmen and i do have a perfect CVRESUME in inglish,the problem is just moved to italy and need to translate this in to italian .
    Please get back to me .
    Carmen lombardo

    • Koala Londinese

      send me your cv via email please 🙂

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